The School of Sovereign Touch

1:1 and 2:1 Mentorship and Supervision

Navigating Your Bodywork and Trauma Informed Touch Practice


Over the years I have had many bodyworkers and women's health practitioners come to me for mentorship and a desire to explore and understand the ways I hold space for touch healing. These mentorships have been some of my favorite ways to connect, remembering the ancient wisdom of apprenticeship-learning mastery through collaboration, and play.   

This offering is also inspired by my colleagues and the support systems in the psychotherapy world of supervision. 

1:1 session work can often feel isolating as a new and seasoned practitioner. Especially in working with trauma, it deeply important to have spaces to collaborate, ask questions, learn and practice new techniques to support your clients.

Teaching and mentoring are a passion of mine and I am so excited to have these containers for other practitioners--there is such a deep need for authentic support in our community at this times.

My hope is that one day, The School of Sovereign Touch might develop into a physical school with an abundance of educators initiating touch workers into consensual non-agenda touch healing careers, but for now it is birthed as individualized mentorships and apprenticeships. 

Sovereign Touch Bodywork is based upon the idea that true healing and unwind comes when we approach the body without agenda. When we remember that the body is already wise and inherently trying to orient towards balance. Our purpose as touch-workers is not to tell the body (or our clients) what is best/right/wrong, but to listen, and initiate and support clients into hearing the whispers and language of the body expressing its needs. 

Every body is different. No two sessions are the same. 

Who is it for...

These sessions are available for bodyworkers (Massage Therapist, PTs, Cranial Sacral Practitioners etc) and women's health practitioner (coaches, herbalists, acupuncturists, etc)

1:1 Mentorship

is for the practitioner looking for individualized support. This can look like learning new touch techniques (inter-oral work, pelvic touch techniques, energy work and trauma integration) or support in business education and implementation. 

These are a pick-your brain type of sessions and include both coaching and touch session time. 

2:1 Mentorship

is for the practitioners looking for group support or direct support with clients and case studies. 

2:1 sessions can look like two students wanting to learn new techniques and having group sessions to play and be supervised. 

It can also look like one student and a client (actual client or practice client) with hands on guidance from Sydney.

How it works...

Most touch practitioners are kinesthetic learners (learn through touch). Mentorships include coaching, hand on touch sessions and private messaging to support all questions and exploration paths. 


Most mentorships meet monthly for 3-12 months.

See booking below for pricing, and to schedule your first session.