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"Yoni healing through the guidance of Sydney and her tools of Womb Mediation and Yoni Crystals has been both mysterious and deeply transformative for me. Sydney introduced me to my first Yoni Crystal experience through one of her progressive workshops for women. The way she holds space for women to explore the themes of sensuality, sexuality, and self-love, while interweaving both the divine feminine and masculine archetypes is exquisite. She knows just how to nurture the gentle, yet passionate, nature of the primal energy pulsating within her clients and students. Through both her ample knowledge and first-hand experience, she has helped me heal and open a connection with my body that I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered without her mentorship. I wholeheartedly endorse Sydney’s work as a yoni and energetic healer."
- Sarah Silvas-Bernstein
"I found Sydney’s offerings through Nurture in the aftermath of miscarriage, and the description of her pelvic work sounded like a facet of the healing process I needed. I first received intuitive bodywork from Sydney (an emphasis on intuitive) and was marveling at her craft as I’m a massage therapist myself. The space she creates and holds, the attention she gives to body, emotion, mind, spirit- it is truly something to experience. I felt held, and I tear up as I’m writing this because I desperately wanted to feel held during this time that I knew I could not physically hold this baby, and Sydney provided the gift of that space and energy. She then took time to explain pelvic care and I knew I had to invest in this therapy- not just because I had carried and birthed a child and now was grieving the loss and carrying the postpartum physicalities and emotions of another child, but because I knew there were so many layers to peel back since childhood and beyond.

My pelvic care sessions with Sydney were literally otherworldly. I felt a shift and opening that I never knew was there, and I’m in this world of healing! This work is worth exploring, it helped me along my healing journey as I grieved my miscarriage and a birth that did not go ‘as planned’, and the trauma surrounding those experiences. I breathed into forgiveness, and felt such a physical weight lifted off my body as I gave permission to soften, explore and marvel instead of shame, guilt and regret. We moved through anger, which was wild as I’m not someone who outwardly expresses that way, and it literally overtook me! The stories we hold in our root, this sacred space most of us have yet to explore- please do yourself the favor of exploring your true nature. Unleashing your divine feminine and birthing creative flow. And Sydney carries the space, grace, true presence and embodiment of this work. Having her healing hands to guide us into this world is a gift I’m so glad the Universe has led her to find. My forever thanks Sydney!"
— K.W.

"I left the meditation feeling so inspired that I was almost baffled. How could I have spent all of this time not meditating on my womb space—the seat of my soul, the source of my sweetness, my surrender, my shakti?!"

— Molly McConnell founder of Chandra Ma Wellness



"Sydney is a beatiful and radiant soul. She is a shining light in this world and her divine feminine wisdom and guidance inspire me in so many ways. Her healing work with yoni eggs and crystals, and as a Qoya teacher she is amazing. She is very attentive, reliable and caring. Infinite love and gratitude to you Sydney."

— Elisabet Alfstad

"Sydney’s Qoya classes are amazing! I love how she has a theme for each class and the perfect music to match. It is both fun and sensual and a time for me to release and let go of any judgment with free movement. I highly encourage any woman to experience Qoya with Sydney! It is a beautiful practice that gets not only your body moving but also emotions and energies moving as well."

— Rachel Askelson Founder of Sorrell Healing Arts

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